Monday, September 15, 2014

Henry County Contest

Itinerary for Henry County Contest

Saturday, September 20th, 2014


12:15 pm              Report to school to prepare for a short rehearsal.

12:30 pm              Be on practice field with instruments for a short rehearsal.  Beginning of the show.

1:30 pm                Load instruments on buses, use restroom, get on bus.

2:10 pm                Depart SGCHS. 

3:30 pm                Arrive at Henry County High School.   Watch bands, relax.  Guard will get make-up and hair ready at this time.  Props and pit trailers will need to be put together during this time. Supper will start at 5:30 at the buses. 

6:20 pm                Get Uniforms on and get instruments out.

6:50 pm                Line-up and travel to warm-up.   

7:00 pm                Warm- up. 

7:30 pm                Travel to Stadium.  Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time.  Look proud!

7:45 pm                Perform.  Don’t try to do anything special, simply perform what you know.

8:00 pm                Take off uniforms, load buses.  Go back to watch rest of the bands.  Leaders stay in Uniforms.

10:00 pm              Awards Ceremony.  We will clap and support everyone as the awards are handed out.  There will be absolutely no booing or loud negative responses.  After awards, get on buses and prepare to leave after roll is called.

11:00 pm              Depart Henry County High School.

12:15 pm              Arrive at SGCHS.  After all instruments are unloaded and put in their proper place, you will be dismissed.

Obion County Itinerary


Away Football Game vs. Obion County

Friday, September 19, 2014

4:40 pm – Report to Band Room.  Put on uniform.  No jewelry or make-up.

5:05 pm – Load up on to your assigned bus.  Chaperones will call roll.

5:15 pm – Depart SGCHS.

6:30 pm – Arrive at Obion County’s Stadium.  Chaperones, leaders and Percussion will get off the bus first to unload the trailer and box truck.  Get your instrument case, and line up.  We will march in with cases and unpack when we get to the stands.  You will be able to put your instrument in your case for safe keeping during the 3rd quarter.

7:00 pm - Game Begins.  Pay attention to the game, cheer for the team, act in a professional manner.  Be ready to play pep songs at any time.  Remember the rules for food with uniforms. NO CELL PHONES!

9:45 pm - Approximate end of game.  Line up and march back to buses.  Take your instruments to the truck to be loaded and then load the buses.

10:15 pm - After all equipment is loaded and students are on their assigned bus, we will depart.

11:30 pm – Arrive at SGCHS.  We will leave the instruments on the bus and get them in the morning for the Saturday rehearsal.  Put the uniforms on the mobile racks.  After uniforms are put up properly, you will be dismissed as a group. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Announcements 9/14/14

1)  Drumline and Front Ensemble Rehearsal Monday from 3:30 to 4:45.  

2)  We are still looking for sponsors for trophies and programs.  Remember that an option is for an individual to sponsor a trophy and request that a specific student hand it out.  Also, we are up to 13 bands in our competition so there will be lots of people looking at the ads in the programs.  

3)  For Saturday's contest, students need to wear their Band T-shirts and either wear shorts underneath their uniforms or bring pants to change into.  Do not wear pants underneath the uniforms as they will drop below the uniform pants and be seen.  Dressing rooms are available at Henry County High School.  

4) If you are interested in either the personalized yard sign or the vinyl decals that go on windows of cars, sign up for those or let me know you want one by the end of the week.  Yard signs are $10 and decals are $5

5)  I plan on using props and guard barriers this Friday night, so please be ready to help out at halftime.  With the full program on the field and our first competition this Saturday, the show is on!  Go Band!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yard Signs

We now have yard signs available thanks to Anndrea Dyer!  If you want a sign for your yard that says:

"Home of a Marching Hornet"  with your child's name on it

Email Anndrea Dyer at

They are $10.  Try to let her know by next Wednesday, September 17

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Announcements 9/7/14

1.  Remember the night rehearsal this Tuesday from 6-8 pm, students need to be on the practice field at 6 pm.  We will not have the regular 3:30 to 5:30 rehearsal that day, but will be back on regular schedule Thursday.

2.  We will have a drumline rehearsal tomorrow (Monday) from 3:30 to 4:45 to help get caught up on music.  Front Ensemble will not need to be at this rehearsal, but will need to be there next Monday.

3.  It all changes this Friday:  Uniforms!!  Students will need to invest in long black socks.  I have gloves available for wind players for $2 a piece.  Treat them well and keep up with them, and they can last all season.  With uniforms on, NO make-up is allowed, no jewelry including earrings and rings, and no fingernail polish.  We need to all look the same - we need to look uniform.  Hair will need to go up into the hat.  Finally, food choices in uniform will be limited:  Water only, burgers, hot dogs, and popcorn only and with no condiments.  No Nachos and cheese.  No Sprite.  Parents and friends, PLEASE do not try to sneak cokes or pizza to band students.  There is a valid reason for doing all this. Please respect that.

4.  We start competitions in two weeks.  Please help our food committee out by bring $20 to feed the students at every competition (5 weekends and 6 competitions) this season.

5.  Report time for this Friday's home game is 5:30.  It is earlier than last week due to uniforms being worn for the first time.  If any parent would like to help inspect uniforms this Friday (just making sure they fit right the first time out), please join us in the Band Room.

6.  Sponsorships are still available for trophies and programs for the competition.  Remember - program ads can be a picture of a students with a message beside it.  And with trophies - you can sponsor one and request that your child present that specific trophy at the competition.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Westview Itinerary


Football Game vs. Westview

Friday, September 5, 2014 @ SGCHS


6:00 pm – Report to Band Room.  Front Ensemble will hook up trailers, Drumline will take stands to stadium. 

6:05 pm – Warm-up.  Run through National Anthem.

6:32 pm – March to the 4 arcs on the Football Field for National Anthem.  Take your lyres with you.  The Band Room will be locked.  You need to take any money you may need for the 3rd quarter with you.  Leave your cell phones either in the Band Room or with a parent.  Cell phones are not allowed in the stadium when you are with the band! 

6:42 pm – Play National Anthem.

7:00 pm - Game Begins.  You will get the 3rd quarter off to eat, drink and visit friends and family. You must be back and ready to play at the end of the 3rd quarter.  Anyone late will owe pushups.  Remember during this time that you are still representing the band and the school.  Remain professional.

10:00 pm - Approximate end of game.  We will line up and march back to the band room.  Dismiss after all equipment is put up properly.



We will be wearing Band T-shirts, Khaki bottoms, tennis shoes, no hats.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Announcements 9/1/14

1)  Afterschool rehearsals this Tuesday and Thursday, Home Game Friday.

2)  Booster meeting this Thursday.  We will be talking a lot about the Hornet Invitational and the jobs that need to be done.  Be there to make sure you get the job you want!

3)  A Head's up:  Next Tuesday's rehearsal is the Night Rehearsal from 6 to 8 pm. That means we will not have the regular 3:30 to 5:30 rehearsal that day. This night rehearsal has been on the schedule since March.  The main purpose of this rehearsal is to give parents the chance to learn the basics of how the props will operate on the field and how the pit crew works on the sideline.  If you have signed up for pit crew this year and still are not 100% sure what to do, make plans to be here as we will have experienced parents there to guide the process along.

4)  As we prepare for contests starting in 3 weeks, our food committee has worked hard to gather prices on food that we plan to feed the students at each of our 5 contests.  In year's past we have asked students to bring in a few dollars each week to pay for this food.  This year, the food committee is asking each student to pay a one-time $20 for the whole year.  This will give the students one meal and lots of snacks at each contest, including the pizza at State Competition.  (As a comparison, a hamburger and coke inside the stadium usually costs $5 at each contest.  For a total of $20 for five contests, this is actually a very good deal.)

5)  We are still accepting sponsors for Hornet Invitational Trophies and Program Ads.  Note that the two Grand Champion trophies already have sponsors, but we still have plenty of 1st-3rd place trophies available for businesses or individuals to sponsor.