Monday, March 2, 2015

Butter Braid delivery

I heard from the Butter Braid representatives today and they will be delivering the products TOMORROW (Tuesday)!  They already had their main shipment in, and just had to put the orders together for all the schools that did this fundraiser.

They will arrive at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, and you can pick them up anytime between then and 6 pm.  They need to get in the freezer by then before they start thawing out.  It is the student's responsibility to deliver the Butter Braids to whoever ordered them. 

If for any reason you will have trouble getting them picked up tomorrow, please let me know so that we can work something out. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Annoucements 3/1/15

I thought the concert went extremely well Thursday night!  One of the members of the Community Band mentioned several times that this was the best audience he had ever played for, and he had been playing for many, many years.

1)  Jazz Band this Tuesday.  

2)  Booster meeting this Thursday at 6 pm.  My goal is to be done by 7 pm when the play starts.  We need to finalize details about the Miss Harmony pageant

3)  Solo and Ensemble is this Saturday at Northside High School for those that signed up.  You will need to find your own ride there and back.  Our block of time is from 9:20 to 10 am.  Get there a few minutes early to warm up and find the room you play in.  I suggest wearing concert attire since the judges are able to see you, and appearance is a part of your score.

4)  A couple of changes to the Spring calendar: The Guard Workshop and auditions for next year have been moved to March 9-12, and the Drumline Workshop and auditions have been moved to March 23-26.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Butter Braids

Please get the Butter Braid orders and money turned in by tomorrow (Thursday the 26th).  I will even take them at the Ensemble concert tomorrow night (report time 6 pm in the gym - concert attire) if I absolutely need to.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Announcements

1)  We will still have the 8th grade rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) night from 6:30 to 8 pm.  Mrs. Brown will get the word out to all the 8th graders.  Make it if you can to meet next year's freshmen!

2)  I will go ahead and open up the Band Room again tomorrow from 10 to 11:30 am for those who want to come practice their ensembles.  

3)  Thursday's Ensemble concert has been moved to the Gym due to many reasons, including me remembering how crowded it was at the Christmas concert! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Annoucements 2/22/15

1) I have had a few students ask if they could come to the Band Room and practice tomorrow for college auditions and for the Ensemble concert on Thursday.  That is a great thing to be asked, so I will opening up the Band Room from 10 to 11:30 am tomorrow (Monday) for anyone that wishes to come by and practice.  If you want to coordinate with your ensemble to meet there, go ahead.  This is in no way mandatory, it is just a chance for you to get out of the house for a little while and maybe even get something done.

2)  I really enjoy the days off, but at this rate we may get out of school the day before Band Camp starts.  Speaking of Band Camp (great segue, I know!), the school calendar has been approved and I can give you the official dates for band camp for next year.  There have been a couple of small revisions to the dates I gave at the last booster meeting so make sure to double check the dates:  
2015 Band Camp Dates! July 13, 14 - Freshmen, Guard, Percussion and Leadership Team 8-noon; July 15 - 17 - Everyone 8-11:30, Guard and Percussion come back from 1-4; July 20-23 - Everyone 7am - 5pm; July 24 - Everyone 7am - noon with the optional DCI trip that afternoon/night.

3)  Butter Braids will be due whenever we return. Keep selling them until then and don't forget about them!

4)  The 8th grade rehearsal is still planned for Tuesday night from 6:30 to 8.  All Band members are still invited to come meet next year's Freshmen!  If we happen to be out of school Tuesday, I will come back with a separate announcement on the state of that rehearsal.

5)  The Ensemble concert is still on for Thursday night.  Report time is at 6 pm, the concert starts at 7 pm in the Cafetorium.  Concert attire (no jeans or hats please.  We want to look nice at our concerts!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Butter Braids

I hope everyone is enjoying their days off.  Just do me a favor and do not get on the roads unless you just absolutely have to.  Black Ice is a real and dangerous thing.  Also, I hope everyone is enjoying their milk and bread sandwiches since no one left any for me at the store!  Lots of sandwich meat at the store, though.  Strange...

We will turn in the Butter Braid orders whenever we get back to school.  I talked to the Butter Braid company, and they said that even if we are a couple of days late we can still make the delivery date.  If we are later than that, pushing back the delivery date isn't that big of a deal.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the snow day theme songs being sung by the front office workers on the phone.  They are having way too much fun!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Announcements 2/8/15

1)  Jazz Band will still meet on Tuesday until 4:30.  

2)  Remember that Butter Braid orders are due back February 18.  

3)  As we continue preparing this week for our ensemble concert on the 26th, remember that more than half the work for ensembles needs to happen in your own personal practice time, whether that is at home or at school.  You need to come into the ensemble practices already prepared by knowing your part.  That way, your group can use the time more efficiently and effectively gelling as an ensemble.