Sunday, July 23, 2017

Announcements 7/23/17

1)  We will have rehearsal this Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 pm.  Make sure that you have your instrument, your coordinate card, and your music.

2)  Keep selling those smart cards  They are a great collection of discounts for only $20!

3) Everyone did such a great job at camp!  I am really excited about this year because of the great attitudes of everyone who was there working hard without complaint - while also having quite a bit of fun.  Keep up the good work!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Announcements 7/16/17

1)  Band Camp starts at 7 am on the field every day this week. You will need your instruments and coordinate cards.  We will be spending all morning outside every day.  Have plenty of water, gatorade, sunscreen, and snacks.  You are welcome to bring chairs, canopies, and coolers.  Parents, if the heat index gets to 104 we will be coming inside for the students' safety.

2)  Lunch is from 11:45 to 1 pm every day this week.  You can bring your lunch and eat in the cafeteria, go home and eat, or go out to eat lunch.  Just make sure you are back at the school by 1 pm.  Also, Mr. Tony is going to be grilling hamburgers for the entire band at lunch on Friday!  

3)  Monday is 'Murica Monday.  Wear your best Patriotic colors or bring your best 'Murica props!

4)  We are gathering food for the Carter family.  We are asking for donations of non-frozen food that can easily be cooked on a stove top or microwave.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Announcements 7/9/17

1)  Band Camp!  Freshmen report to the Band Room ready to go at 8 am on Monday and Tuesday.  Get there a few minutes early so that you can be in your seat ready to go at exactly 8 am.  Everyone reports to the band room on Wednesday through Friday at 8 am.  Guard and percussion prepare to come back in the afternoon to get extra practice from 1-4 that your specialty requires.

2)  We still need water for Band camp and for the rest of the marching season.  Any time you see it on sale, grab a pack and drop it off in the band room.  Band students, the water that is in the band room is for your use.  Use it but don't waste it.

3)  Coolers are welcome.  Canopies are welcome.  Anything to keep you cool, hydrated, and upright are welcome!

4)  Make sure your name is on everything: coolers, gatorades, instruments, music, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.

5)  Parents, if you are interested in helping build props or sewing on the Guard uniforms, we will meet at 6:30 on Tuesday at the Band Room to get started!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Announcements 6/25/17

1)  The final June rehearsal is this Wednesday.  I have really enjoyed these rehearsals and love hearing the band come together in sound.  I also really appreciate the great job everyone did of communicating over the past month!

2)  Leadership Team members who are going to Memphis Friday will meet at 6:30 am at the band room.

3)  Band Camp tip of the week:  Get sleep!  Do not stay up to all hours of the night that week playing games or watching TV.  It will help with your stamina, energy, mood, and focus.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Announcements 6/18/17

1)  Our 3rd June rehearsal is this Wednesday.  Woodwinds and brass from 8-11 am, and percussion and guard from 1-4 pm.  Thank you to everyone who have been communicating with me on when you are gone.  It really does help when we are taking attendance!

2)  Band Camp Tip of the week:  Start eating healthier to prepare for the heat and energy needed for band camp.  Limit your sugar intake, eat more fruit and less chips, drink a glass of orange juice a day, and get into a good habit of drinking water when you are thirsty.  All these things will help you breeze through band camp this year!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Announcements 6/11/17

1)  Our second June rehearsal is this Wednesday.  Brass and woodwinds from 8-11 am, and percussion and guard from 1-4 pm.  Come dressed ready to go outside for a few minutes to start some fundamentals.  

2) Leadership team will meet at 9 am on Tuesday in the Band Room to prepare for the upcoming marching season.

3)  It's never too early to look for deals on bottled water.  Any chance you get a good deal, pick up a pack or two and bring to the band room so that we have them ready to hydrate the students during band camp and the first half of the marching season.

4)  Students: start spending time outside getting acclimated to the heat.  The more time you spend outside, the less of a shock the heat of band camp will be. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Announcements 6/4/17

1)  I hope everyone is enjoying your summer!  Our first rehearsal is this Wednesday, June 7.   Winds will rehearse from 8-11 am, Percussion and Guard will rehearse from 1-4 pm.  If you are on vacation or for other reasons cannot make these rehearsals, please email so that I have a record of your communication.  Thanks in advance for communicating any conflicts with us!

2)  We will have a Band Booster meeting this Thursday, June 8 at 6:30 pm.  We will be putting together a design team to help build and sew a few things for the field show.  If you cannot be at the meeting but are interested in learning more about the design team, please email  We will also have sign-ups to feed lunch to the Band Camp staff during the second week of band camp.  Finally, we will be starting discussions about what needs to be done for the Hornet Invitation in October