Sunday, October 4, 2015

Announcements 10/4/15

1)  Great job at Gibson County.  It was two of our best runs yet!  We still have a lot of work to do though, so don't let up.

2)  Gibson County had 20 bands in their competition, and now we will have 20 bands in ours (we just added Southside).  The reason I mention it is that you may have noticed how many parents and students it took to run that competition.  We will need everyone working your assigned spots - especially since we are doing the exhibition at the end.  The students will be learning what their jobs are and how to do them over the next couple of weeks so that the parents will be able to ask students any questions they may have about the jobs they are assigned.

3) Report time for this Friday's home game will be 6 pm.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

South Side Game Itinerary


Away Football Game vs. South Side

Friday, October 2, 2015

5:15 pm – Report to Band Room, put on uniforms.   Use the restroom before we leave.

5:45 pm – Load up on to your assigned bus.  Chaperones will call roll.

5:50 pm – Depart SGCHS.

6:25 pm – Arrive at Trinity’s Stadium.  Chaperones, leaders and Percussion will get off the bus first to unload the trailer and box truck.  Get your instrument case, and line up.  We will march in with cases and unpack when we get to the stands. 

7:00 pm - Game Begins.  Pay attention to the game, cheer for the team, act in a professional manner.  Be ready to play pep songs at any time.  NO CELL PHONES!  Remember the requirements for food and drink during the 3rd quarter.

9:45 pm - Approximate end of game.  Line up and march back to buses.  Take your instruments to the truck to be loaded and then load the buses.

10:25 pm - After all equipment is loaded and students are on their assigned bus, we will depart.

11:00 pm – Arrive at SGCHS.  After instruments and uniforms are put up properly, you will be dismissed as a group. 


Gibson County Contest Itinerary

Itinerary for Gibson County Contest

Saturday, October 3rd , 2015

9:30 am Report to Practice field with instruments.

10:15 am              End Rehearsal.  Load instruments and equipment, use restroom, eat snacks, load buses.

11:00 am              Depart SGCHS.  Make sure you have hat box, long black socks, shoes, and gloves.

11:45 am              Arrive at Gibson County. Loading crew will unload.  Props and trailers will be assembled.  Use the extra time to go in the stadium and watch bands.  Do not travel alone! 

1:20 pm                Put on uniforms.  Get your instruments.

1:50 pm                Line-up and travel to warm-up.   

2:00 pm                Warm- up.  During this time there is to be no talking. 

2:30 pm                Travel to Stadium.  Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time.  Look proud!

2:45 pm                Perform.  Don’t try to do anything special, simply perform what you know.

3:15 pm                Arrive back at bus.  Put plumes back in plume box, put instruments in cases, put uniforms up properly.  Leaders will keep uniforms on for Awards.  Make sure you are back in the stadium by 4:30.

4:30 pm                Awards Ceremony and announcements of finalists.   

Performance time for Finals is based on Random Draw.  A schedule for Finals performance will be

announced at the buses following the Awards Ceremony.

10:00 pm              Finals Awards Ceremony

11:00 pm              Load equipment and buses.

11:50 pm              Arrive at SGCHS.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Announcements 9/27/15

1)  The South Side Away Game and the Gibson County contest is this coming weekend.  Itineraries will be posted tomorrow (Monday).

2)  We need sponsors for the Hornet Invitational Program and the trophies.  I will repost the sponsor forms this week.

3)  Booster meeting this Thursday at 6:30 pm in the Band Room.  We will be finalizing a lot of details about the Hornet Invitational.  

4)  It was great having snacks and gatorade at the competition this past Saturday.  We will need some more for this coming weekend.  If you can bring one box of snacks, it will be enough last not only this weekend, but our next contest as well.

5)  It was also great having so much help this past Saturday at Liberty from the parents!  We couldn't do it without you, and we hope you keep coming out to help and support us!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Competition announcements

1)  Students will need to bring enough money for two meals on Saturday - lunch and supper.  With concession stand prices, I recommend $20 total.  We will have snacks available at our buses, but not the full meals needed to sustain the energy needed for two performances.

2)  Admission to to get in to watch the competitions is $10 for each competition, or $18 if you go ahead and purchase tickets for both at the same time.  You can purchase these at the gate.  Parents that have signed up for Pit Crew/Chaperone duty will not have to worry about this fee since you will be working with the band.

3) If anyone has any pavilion tents they would be willing to let us use, it is great for the students to have a shady spot to relax in between performances.  

4)  Parents that are working on Pit Crew - you need to wear all black for the performances.  I am fine with putting on black scrubs or loose jogging pants over what you will wear the rest of the day.  I just want us to be invisible on the sideline and behind the props so that we do not draw attention away from the band.  

5)  FYI: It might get a little chilly by Saturday night, so you may want to consider bringing jackets and pants for the evening.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Announcements 9/20/15

1)  Night Rehearsal this Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30.  Please be on the football field in the opening set of the show at 6:30 with your instrument.  This also means there will not be our normal rehearsal at 3:30 to 5:30.  However, we will have our regular Thursday rehearsal from 3:30 to 5:30.  

2)  Parents who want to help out with Pit Crew and Props, please come to this Tuesday night rehearsal.  We need as many parents to know how to run the props and pit crew as possible so that we can always have enough people even when some can't make it to some performances.  We will also need to discuss what to wear at the performances.  

3)  Our first competition is this weekend!  Remember that you will need to bring money for concessions for both lunch and supper.  We will have snacks provided, but not full meals.  Concession prices for competitions are usually comparable to football game concession prices.  Also remember to have a change of clothes to wear under the uniform so that you can come out of the uniform in between performances Saturday.  Freshmen:  Upperclassmen will be glad to answer any questions you have about Competition Day!

4)  We are still looking for sponsors for our Hornet Invitational Trophies and Programs.  I will be reposting that Sponsor form tomorrow.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Liberty Contest Itineraries

Itinerary for WTSBOA/Liberty Contest

Saturday, September 26th, 2015


8:00 am Be on SGC practice field with instruments for a short rehearsal.  Beginning of the show.

9:00 am                Load instruments, use restroom, get on bus. Make sure that you have any money that you might need, black socks, your instrument, and clothes to wear when you change out of uniform.   

9:30 am                Depart SGCHS.

10:00 am              Arrive at Liberty. Eat snacks and drink water while props are being put together. Guard will put on make-up.  You may choose to go watch some bands, also.

11:20 am              Start putting uniforms on.

11:55 am              Line-up, receive plumes and travel to warm-up.

12:05 pm              Warm- up in area A.

12:35 pm              Travel to Stadium.  Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time.  Look proud!

12:45 pm              Perform.

1:00 pm                Arrive back at bus, put instruments in cases.  Seniors will keep uniforms on to accept trophies, and go immediately back into the stadium for awards. Everyone else, leave your band pants on, put your jacket on the hanger, put your plume with your hat in the hat box, and go back into the stadium.  Everyone must be back inside the stadium by 1:20 for awards. 

1:20 pm                Award Ceremony.  We will clap and support everyone as the awards are handed out.  There will be absolutely no booing or loud negative responses. 


* We will have to leave the stadium and come back in between the contests so the workers can clean the stands for the evening competition. We will use this time to relax and eat snacks provided by the Boosters.


3:00 pm                Evening contest begins.  You can go into the stadium and watch bands/eat concessions.  Do not travel alone!

5:05 pm                Start putting uniforms on.  This means you will have to leave the stadium after Peabody performs.

5:50 pm                Line-up, receive plumes and travel to warm-up

5:55 pm                Warm-up in area A.

6:25 pm                Travel to Stadium. Keep your chin up and shoulders back the entire time.  Look proud!

6:35 pm                Perform.

6:50 pm                We will march off the field and lineup behind the endzone for the Awards Ceremony.  Leaders will accept awards. 

8:00 pm                After awards we will take uniforms off and put them on the racks, load instruments and props, and clean up the area around our bus.  After all this is done, we will load the buses and go home.

9:00 pm                Arrive at SGCHS.  Everyone will help put the equipment in the correct place.

9:30 pm                After everything is put up correctly, the band will be dismissed to go home.